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Vicious claws raked at his heart inside his chest, tearing him apart. For a terrifyingly long, horrendous moment he thought she had no pulse.

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But then he felt it, faint and unhealthily slow, just the lightest of beats against his cold fingertips. It was all he needed. He turned her over carefully, gently, and folded his hands over her back and pressed down once, twice, three times, four, five, six.

He had to get her to breathe, dammit! Hiro was hovering by her head, kneeling with his hands on her temples. They may have been in another language, possibly Japanese or just some secret Kitsune language. Still, her lips were a dark shade of blue, edged with indigo.

Her skin was so pale he could see all the dark veins running through her, on her jaw and her wrists and her throat.

Severus Snape

Some way away, Sherry was sprawled on the grass but Ricky was with her now, holding her head up as he pressed his wrist to her mouth, feeding her blood. Brandon and Perry were running through the trees behind him, Cris was a shadow chasing them. He kept pressing on her back, trying to force her lungs to expel the water, but he could hear her heart pumping laboriously in her chest, each beat painfully slow like her heart was encased in sludge.

His odd amber eyes stayed on Ember face, suspiciously bright. Traitors are exposed, dark family secrets revealed, and a once strong sibling bond is strained to its breaking point. Only when the ink black waters from the ultimate betrayal rescind, will the truth be known of how the villainous sea witch rose with one name on her vengeful lips--Triton. So, to see how Vanessa was pushed and manipulated into a situation where the outcome led to Ursela the Sea Witch was nothing short of heartbreaking. Still, despite everything that was happening to her, Vanessa loved her brother and it makes me tear up every time I think about it.

I was instantly impressed by Vanessa. She's strong, talented, capable and she cares deeply, but she's being treated unfairly. She hardly has any support and she repeatedly has to fight battles against those who should protect her. A student at Durmstrang Institute , Grindelwald was expelled for twisted, dark experiments and near-fatal attacks on students. At 17 their partnership fell apart after the two were involved in a three-way duel with Dumbledore's brother Aberforth that resulted in the death of Dumbledore's sister Ariana. Grindelwald left Britain and later stole the Elder Wand from Mykew Gregorovitch , proceeding alone with the revolution he and Dumbledore had planned.

Grindelwald was a complex figure, highly idealistic and talented, dedicated to achieve his ends at any cost. A revolutionary operating outside the law, he and his followers committed numerous crimes, including several murders.

How Helge came to work with Noah

With violent acts in both the United States and Europe , Grindelwald ultimately established a power base at Nurmengard Castle in Austria. In , at the height of Grindelwald's power, Dumbledore confronted and defeated him in a legendary duel. Gellert Grindelwald was born around He was an extremely talented wizard who possessed an attractive and winsome personality, which was coupled with a "merry, wild" disposition. These engravings persisted for many generations.

Rita Skeeter 's book The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore explains that Grindelwald's 'twisted experiments' had been the reason for his expulsion at 16 years old from Durmstrang before he could graduate. This was an ominous and troubling sign, as it meant that Grindelwald performed experiments that were too disturbing even for a school with a notably high tolerance of the Dark Arts.

After his expulsion from Durmstrang , Grindelwald's quest for power and information about the Hallows led him to Godric's Hollow , England , where Ignotus Peverell , said to have been the first owner of Death's Cloak of Invisibility , had been laid to rest. Conveniently, his great-aunt, acclaimed wizarding historian Bathilda Bagshot , lived there and provided a place for him to stay, complete with a treasure trove of books and documents and a minimum of supervision.

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It was in Godric's Hollow in the summer of that Grindelwald met and befriended Albus Dumbledore. The pair even became lovers during the two months that they knew one another. Whilst they were staying at Bathilda Bagshot's house, they also made a blood pact , swearing never to fight each other. Grindelwald with his best friend and lover Albus Dumbledore in The pair shared two preoccupations: The first was their search for the Deathly Hallows toward the goal of acquiring all three and wielding their power to become Master of Death , which they believed to mean immortality and invincibility.

They also dreamed of overturning the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy and creating a new order in which wise and powerful wizards and witches were the benevolent overlords of their world, including Muggles. Dumbledore coined the phrase "For the Greater Good" that would be used to justify the necessary use of force required to achieve their goals, and Grindelwald would later adopt as his slogan.

LET'S SUMMARIZE - THE BLACK PRISM (Lightbringer Series Book 1)

However, Dumbledore's motivations and intentions were different from Grindelwald's: as a young man, he had been powerless to stop a group of Muggle boys tormenting his younger sister, Ariana , to the point that the sweet-natured girl suffered an emotional breakdown and her repressed magic became dangerously unstable. Dumbledore's father was sent to Azkaban for taking revenge on the boys and his mother was killed in one of Ariana's accidents.

Dumbledore wanted the power to protect his loved ones and by extension the whole world against cruelty and xenophobia like that shown by the Muggles. He viewed the Resurrection Stone as a way of returning his parents to life and relieving him of his new familial obligations, while Grindelwald mistakenly viewed it as a tool to amass an army of inferi. The friends' plans to leave Godric's Hollow, acquire power, and begin their revolution turned serious. The tense situation boiled over into a confrontation and Grindelwald, enraged, inflicted the Cruciatus Curse on Aberforth.

Albus moved to defend his brother, igniting a vicious three-way duel in which Ariana was killed. Grindelwald fled the country and received putative blame for Ariana's death, thus confirming his place on the wrong side of the law and touching off his career as a Dark revolutionary, which would last until Grindelwald gains possession of the Elder Wand by stealing it from wandmaker Mykew Gregorovitch.

Grindelwald delved into his research on the Deathly Hallows and uncovered the location of the Elder Wand. Rumours had been circulating that the renowned Wandmaker Mykew Gregorovitch was in possession of the wand and was trying to duplicate its properties. Grindelwald broke into Gregorovitch's workshop, lay in wait for the Wandmaker, stunned him, and stole the wand, thereby becoming its new master.

Grindelwald's research may have uncovered this unconventional path to ownership of the wand as the common interpretation was that ownership passed only by murder. Following his acquisition of the Elder Wand , Grindelwald began amassing an army of followers. Eventually, he and his legions of "fanatics" launched several devastating attacks across Europe , committing mass-slaughter, and garnering international attention from wizarding authorities.

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Several of the attacks also drew the attention of the Muggle world, risking exposure and war. In response to Grindelwald's actions, an international wizardhunt ensued and was reported on in periodicals such as the Daily Prophet and the The New York Ghost. At some point, Grindelwald was almost captured but was able to evade his pursuers and disappear.

During this period, he was also known to have personally murdered several people; one victim was identified as Viktor Krum's grandfather. As Grindelwald's power grew, he began to make plans for the confrontation he knew would happen one day; a confrontation with his old friend and the only wizard in the world believed to be powerful enough to defeat him: Albus Dumbledore. Unknown to the rest of the wizarding community, neither Dumbledore nor Grindelwald could fight each other directly, which was the result of a Blood pact they had formed in their youth.

However, Grindelwald knew that Dumbledore was powerful enough to compromise his plans without fighting him directly, a threat he made clear to all his followers. Seeking a means to defeat Dumbledore without having to fight him personally, Grindelwald saw visions of an extraordinarily powerful Obscurus terrorising New York.

Knowing that an Obscurial of such destructive capability could be the only being apart from himself possibly powerful enough to kill Dumbledore, Grindelwald left Europe for America to find and recruit the child to his cause. Grindelwald's disappearance was noted by many newspapers around the wizarding world, who were concerned at the absence of news about the Dark wizard. Grindelwald adopted the identity of Percival Graves and befriends Credence Barebone in order to find the Obscurial. Grindelwald believed mysterious attacks occurring in New York City to be the work of a powerful Obscurial, which he felt would be a great asset for his plans of world domination.

Using his disguise as Graves, Grindelwald came into regular contact with Credence Barebone , believing him to be connected to the Obscurial due to a vision he received. Thinking Credence was an orphaned Squib , Grindelwald emotionally manipulated him into helping him find the Obscurial with the promise of protecting him from his abusive adoptive mother and teaching him magic. During his interrogation, Grindelwald discovered the Obscurus within Newt's suitcase , and in an effort to hide his tracks, had him and Tina Goldstein sentenced to death.

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Afterwards, he approached Credence after Mary Lou Barebone was killed by the Obscurial and had him track down his adoptive sister Modesty , believing her to be the source of the Obscurus. Once they found Modesty, Grindelwald cruelly rejected Credence, as he had no further use of him.

This angered Credence, who then revealed that he was the Obscurial, much to Grindelwald's surprise, as no Obscurial had survived to more than 10 years old, more than 15 years younger than Credence's age.

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Grindelwald astonished by Credence 's power. Grindelwald wanted to use him to expose the North American wizarding community, and create a weapon against Dumbledore. He attempted to convince Credence that he had nothing to fear anymore and to join his ranks, but this further angered Credence, who began rampaging through the city.

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Grindelwald was not easily deterred, however, and continued to try to recruit Credence, clashing with Tina and later Newt, both of whom he easily overpowered. When Grindelwald, Newt, and Tina were finally close to calming down Credence, Picquery and her Aurors appeared on the scene and immediately attacked the Obscurus. With Credence being seemingly destroyed at the Aurors' hands, Grindelwald was so beside himself with rage that he, led by his extreme idealism, began to break his disguise while expressing his utter disgust for being forced to hide from the Muggles.

Picquery subsequently ordered the other Aurors to bring "Graves" in, but Grindelwald, no longer suppressing his tremendous magical prowess, soon started to overwhelm them despite being outnumbered at least twenty to one, until Newt finally managed to catch him off-guard with his Swooping Evil and restrained Grindelwald's hands from behind, while Tina used a Summoning Charm to take Graves' wand. Newt then cast the Revelio Charm , making Grindelwald's disguise fade away while revealing his identity. Even apprehended, Grindelwald was unfazed, arrogantly questioning Picquery's ability to contain a wizard of his reputation and power.

As he was led away, Grindelwald met Newt's gaze and mysteriously asked him: "Will we die, just a little? Because of his gift of persuasion, they had his tongue cut out, as several guards had sided with him. A few moments before escorting the dark wizard, Abernathy went to Grindelwald's cell and they both assumed each other's identity by using Polyjuice Potion.

Later, he entered the carriage and threw Spielman into the waters of New York Bay, before flying to Europe with his lieutenant.

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  7. Three months later Grindelwald, alongside his acolytes, travelled to Paris to search again for Credence Barebone , who had survived the battle in New York, in order to utilise his abilities to kill Albus Dumbledore. He ordered his subordinates to kill the unknown couple in order to take over their apartment as a temporary headquarters.