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I've seen so much exageration in the e-pub business from publishers and writer newbs who are start-ups, all the way up to the big five number-one hitters. I don't know whether these people are suffering from delusions of grandure or compensating for some type of self-inflicted inadequacy associated with e-pubbing in the first place.

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Eighty percent of the time when an e-pub author bleats out that they are a bestseller on Kindle for name your genre , what they neglect to tell you is that they've sold more titles than the other authors in their PUBLISHER'S database--not overall Kindle sales. Considering how many e-pubs are out there and the questionable quality of the product, compounded with the problematic low sales beneath them, they might have ripped off a couple hundred sales, max.

An achievement for a best-seller in your own e-pub stable? Who is the publisher, though, and how many titles did you fight off for that rank? My e-publisher is clearly more recognized than these bozos, at least I think so. Not Kindle's list. My publisher busted her ovaries going after every vendor and review source on this planet, with a knife in one hand and a money bag in the other bless her heart. All the reviews were four and five stars. All ducks in a row, asks you? Pretty much for an average author, good genre seller, great cover art and a medium-size e-pub with a good rep.

I don't know why people are so afraid to post their true numbers.

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  • I believe it is your business to know. The reality: 63 books sold in 11 months pretty damn close to that mysterious 75 digit we've heard about. One from Amazon, the rest from Fictionwise. The majority sold in the first three months. Thereafter I've sold one copy per month. This book is dead now. I didn't regret the decision--I had to find out for myself what the average e-pub bottom line was all about.

    In the e-pub world you'll find those truthful high numbers with the largest, established giants like Sammy, Cave, and the liquid one. We're at the thresold right now where we don't have the demand to encourage the supply in e-publishing. The major print publishers, having dragged their tails long enough, are now scrambling to get ALL their titles on electricity, so you can forget about "e-publishing is the wave of the future and it's going to take over the industry" crap.

    If you want to e-pub, don your hard hat and get your azz over to veinglory's site and read the numbers.

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    Start at the top and stop. Stay there and pub with the giants. If you must. Thank you for listening to this service announcement. I had to find out for myself what the average e-pub bottom line was all about.

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    • But that isn't the "average e-pub bottom line". It's your bottom line with that particular book and that particular publisher. It varies so much one can only give their personal average. Some folks sales averages with Siren and other pubs are unique to them.

      Bride In Hiding

      The publisher's general readership plays a huge part. Um, no matter how much something varies there is an average. So I am quite comfortable reporting average sales for epublishers, not just for me. Although the difference between the too for a given press is very small. I'd heard of Siren long before I'd ever visited their site.

      My sales are not your business.

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      Sorry, but it's true. I wouldn't ask you to post your salary at your day job. And that's what sales are--my earnings. If it helps, I outsold your 11 months number in one month at Siren with my 11K short story. Basically, this was your reality. Not mine. Again, I have to respectfully disagree. But I make good sales. While I totally respect what Emily is doing, because of my background in statistics, I find the system too flawed to be of any value to me.

      Not saying it's not helpful to others, because I'm sure it is. As she stated, that's how averages work. Much respect, Dee. The thing that worries me with reports of high numbers is that newbies tend to assume that if ONE author at a given publisher is selling in high numbers, then the newbie will too, from her first book.

      That debut author should be looking at the averages across the line, or the averages for debut authors, not the absolute top seller, at least for setting baseline expectations. Dreaming is fine, but burst expectations can be a killer. I saw this when I did personal injury law too. My data is limited in scope and so gives only ballpark info, but my background in statistics is as good as anyone's I have taught statistics at the university level, most recently as a guest lecturer in parametric statistics at the University of Edinburgh.

      People should not mistake the limitations of a small data set for a lack of any usefulness. At the core if you have a measure of central tendency and a measure of variability you have the basis for making a prediction. I would assert that my data makes a sufficient case for all publisher not being equal when it comes to sales, and some publishers being a clearly superior choice vs. And as such it has some usefulness to anyone to whom that was not already obvious.

      Thanks, Tri, for your post.

      By Lori King - Lori King

      I loved that you shared your numbers. A dose of your reality is a good thing for your fellow writers. Dee and E. Veinglory might be doing better in the electronic world and E. Sales figures for any one author can vary widely across publishers, and sales by any one publisher can vary widely among their authors. I don't have all my sales figures handy, nor would I post them if I did.

      However, I will say having just checked this morning that the lone novella I published with Siren, a contemporary hetero romance, has sold fewer than 30 copies directly from Siren's site since January of this year when it came out. This despite promos and interviews, etc. Don't know offhand how it's done through third party distributors. I'm not complaining, just stating that there is a wide range of sales figures amongst Siren authors, just as I assume there would be with any publisher.

      However, I do feel Siren is a good publisher, does well by their authors overall, and if I wrote something again that I thought would fit them, I would submit again.


      They sell ebooks too All pubs do nowadays , and they do a far better job than the best e-only publisher. Unless you write in a genre that is not picked up by other publishers, going the e-book route is just limiting your sales potential.

      I agreed with this analogy--The big print boys are and will dominate in the e-field for their fanbase. I said this. I'm also not talking about novella's or short stories in e-pubs. Cripes, I can see where those would fly off the virtual shelf--what are the cost of those VS the novels? Mine was a super novel, and that was my first shot at e-pub--I have no fanbase there. Somebody covered that point well.

      You're right, it is none of my or your business to throw our personal sales out there. Me, I don't give a shit. I'm too old and have been doing this too long to not expose the reality side of this business. I'll always do it, and I don't give two hoots and a cheese cracker about my standing or rep. If it opens a newb's eye to some blunt core reality, I've done my job. Take me with a grain or pound of salt. I showed you the other side of the coin. Yes, there are exceptions, and this is MY example, in no way representative of the very successful e-pubbed authors out there. Clarify: for an e-pub debut author I'm probably pretty typical of what's happening out there, except that I might be below average.

      Uh, have you seen the thread here on them? They're a blip on the radar, a fairly new one, but a blip nevertheless.