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At first, it may seem like nothing. But the truth is, small animations in the interface can make a big difference. When you use a certain app and you know for sure it has reacted to your tap, it means the design was well thought through.

The app creators not only made it practical, but also attractive and pleasant to use. Such a reaction proves how important animations can be in an interface. In my experience, these are the questions most newbies ask:.

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Lottie animation development consists of these steps:. Note: be diligent and orderly with the layers before saving.

The Apprentice’s Lottie Lion and Ryan-Mark tell fans they are ‘dating’ after romance rumours

A well-prepared original of the design, with the right naming and layer order, will save you a lot of time at the next stage — creating an animation with After Effects. When saving the Illustrator file, pick the AI-format. After importing your graphics into After Effects, you should be looking at something like this:. As you see, the original shapes lack sharpness around the edges.

But after you import vector images into After Effects, the edges will be smooth, without the extra pixels that make the image look blurry. From now on, After Effects will create shapes and hide Illustrator layers. When creating shapes out of imported graphics, you can use the Expload Shape Layers plugin, which allows you to significantly speed up the process.

If you need to export an original from Sketch, use the Sketch2AE plugin. Personally, I prefer Illustrator, as it transfers parameters of vector shapes more precisely. Its settings are also more flexible. However, you can work on your graphics in Sketch. Now that you have imported your originals into an After Effects project and are ready to go, you must be eager to know when you can start working with Lottie.

Double-click the composition to open layers in a tab with the composition name and time scale. Animation is not only functional; it also creates a certain mood within an app or website. Mandatory - The source of animation.

Lottie by Airbnb: Innovation or Limitation For Designers?

Can be referenced as a local asset by a string, or remotely with an object with a uri property, or it can be an actual JS object of an animation, obtained for example with something like require '.. Style attributes for the view, as expected in a standard View. The aspectRatio exported by Bodymovin will be set. Also the width if you haven't provided a width or height.

A boolean flag indicating whether or not the animation should start automatically when mounted.

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