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Out of stock. Delivery not available. Pickup not available. Add to List. Add to Registry. Hobbs pens a provocative account of an unhappily married couple whose passionless union causes them to seek sexual satisfaction outside the confines of their relationship. About This Item We aim to show you accurate product information. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it.

See our disclaimer. After many years of being dutifully married to Matt and suffering from short-lived and predictably boring sex, Regina begins to wonder what she's been missing. Constantly rejected and ignored by an inattentive wife, Matt on the other hand, starts what he thinks will be a passing fling with a street-wise, much younger woman.

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But fiery passion unexpectedly ignites and Matt instantly becomes hopelessly addicted. It turns out that one taste is not enough for him. Specifications Series Title Strebor Quickiez.

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Customer Reviews. On high alert to keep out tourists and pesky "I-just-wanna-browse" pedestrians, the pretentious staff turned up their noses and stared at the hidden monitor. Recognizing the fabulously wealthy Yoyin Ayikade, the manager hurried to the front door to greet her.

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Flanked by two strikingly handsome men, Yoyin entered the shop with an air of proprietorship and ignored the manager who greeted her. With her full lips pursed, her emerald eyes swept over the boutique. She strode along purposefully, waving away refreshments and refusing to engage in unnecessary interactions. Tall and willowy, Yoyin possessed majestic and unusual beauty. Her copper-hued complexion, smooth high forehead, protruding full lips, and prominent wide nose were almost sculptural African characteristics.

However, green eyes and straight, burnished honey-colored hair that hung to the middle of her back was a stark contrast to her skin tone and facial appearance. Unbearably handsome with classic Nordic features, Niklas had pale skin, blue eyes, and white blond hair that cascaded past his shoulders. Sebastian was black as night, and his onyx eyes held a penetrating intensity. His perfectly shaped head was smooth and clean shaven.


Yoyin spotted an alluring pair of Christian Louboutins, and with her two men on each side, she moved swiftly toward the shoes. With fluid movements, her outstretched hand seized the crystal S-shaped sandal, holding it delicately as if it she had captured a fluttering butterfly.

Pigalle Palace: A Strebor Quickiez

Lashes lowered and inhaling deeply, she fondled the soft inner calfskin. She gave a sharp intake of breath as she slid her palm up and down the signature red sole. Exhaling, she smiled and sensually trailed a finger down the back of the shoe's three-inch heel. This foreplay aroused her to great heights, readying her to penetrate the sexy sandal with her long, shapely foot. A salesperson approached, her eyes sparkling with approval.

In an instant, Sebastian moved in front of Yoyin. Tall and magnificently muscular, he became an impenetrable human barricade, obstructing the intrusive salesgirl from viewing or engaging Yoyin in further dialogue. With his long limbs sleek with fine musculature, the lithe and powerful Niklas stepped forward. Niklas held Rebecca with an icy blue stare.

Am I clear? A hint of a Swedish accent added to his attractiveness.

הוצאת Strebor Books

Sebastian embraced Yoyin and led her over to a suede settee to recline and recover. Rebecca swallowed visibly. Did I say something wrong?

With a shake of his hand, he dismissed the sales clerk. Rebecca, her lashes blinking over her large brown eyes, nodded and scurried away. Sebastian propped a pillow behind Yoyin's head. Yoyin leaned forward, causing the pillow to shift out of place. Sebastian repositioned the pillow to cushion the back of her head, his expression sympathetic as he ran his thick black fingers through her honey-silken hair.

Soon, Niklas joined them. His face filled with compassion as he knelt before Yoyin and tenderly grasped her hand. The fascinating presence of Yoyin and her attendants changed the atmosphere within the boutique. The caste-conscious patrons exchanged curious glances, silently asking, Who is that exotic creature? How'd she capture two perfect male specimens?

Is she listed in New York's social registry? The store manager approached the settee, holding an impressivelooking shoe box, which he handed to Niklas and then promptly left without a word. Niklas set the box on the rich carpet. Yoyin stuck out the pointy toes of her black Valentino pumps, nearly touching his face. Gently, Niklas removed her shoes and took in the immense beauty of her feet. Long with high arches, her feet were like sculpted art.

Golden nail polish and diamond toe rings, enhanced their beauty, heightened her sex appeal. Enraptured, Niklas grasped a slender foot and deeply inhaled while Sebastian caressed her neck and massaged her shoulders with his strong ebony hands.

ISBN 13: 9781593096328

Patrons and staff, a captive audience, covered their mouths in shock and gawked at the shameless trio, yet they were mesmerized. The shoppers' lustful interest in shoes began to wane, and all eyes were drawn to the ultra-masculine African and the beautiful Swede whose face was as pretty as a girl's.

The two men doted on the oddly beautiful black girl. Their public display of intimacy made unwitting voyeurs of everyone in viewing range. Witnessing such unbridled devotion, caused ripples of envy to course throughout the room. The attendants' sensitivity and outward show of devotion to Yoyin was unlike anything ever seen. Yoyin murmured softly. Sebastian bent at the waist, draped an arm around her, allowing her to whisper in his ear.

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His perfectly shaped, gleaming head nodded in understanding. Squaring his broad shoulders, Sebastian strode across the large room, rushing past the mesmerized affluent. His movement, so swift and powerful, stirred a breeze that fluttered skirts and tousled hair, leaving behind a hint of an expensive male fragrance. He spotted Rebecca and beckoned her.

Sebastian stroked his chin and briefly appraised the multitudes of exquisite shoes. Then, he began pointing, making spontaneous selections for Yoyin's enjoyment: the blue satin thong sandals, a pair of black chiffon peep-toe pumps, the leopard-print leather slingbacks, the green crocodile stilettos, the peep-toe pumps in a pale-pink gathered crepe, brown suede boots, and the black patent-leather wedge heels. Rebecca jotted each selection on a small pad.

I'll handle the payment," Sebastian stated, aware that his sensual baritone sent shockwaves straight to Rebecca's groin. Does she want to purchase them? She took note of his rippled muscles and huge biceps, which were quite apparent, despite a loose-fitting shirt.