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The house is located in Angelet very close to Biarritz and Bayone, and close to other Basque towns, and public transport is easy to use for a bit of independent exploration. Evenlyne and her family made me feel welcome and they had a bedroom set up with an ensuite so I could enjoy the family and also take time to study or rest on my own.

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We did speak french the whole time I was there and that really helped to develop my skills. I also had two hours of instruction each morning. Evelyne is very skilled at one to one instruction; she quickly honed into my more serious errors and tailored the instruction to grammar which is what I really needed. I left with a usable grammatical framework and more confidence to speak. Food and eating was an important part of the program. I got to try basque food and really appreciated the home cooking and wine with dinner. We spent quite a bit of time around the dinner table eating and conversing.

It was a struggle for my french but Evelyne and her family were patient with me and we were able to discuss current events, french and basque traditions and things people commonly talk about during meals. Two afternoons a week, Evelyne took me out to introduce me to towns in the basque region and of course to practice french. I even had a bike tour with Jean Pierre which was a nice introduction to Biarritz. If you are looking for a welcoming place to speak french, I would recommend a visit to to chez Evelyne and Jean Pierre.

My two week intensive homestay program with Evelyne was a very special experience which I will always remember fondly. To stay and be part of her family was an enormous privilege. I particularly liked the outlook over the lush garden. I learnt so much from Evelyne who is an incredibly patient teacher.

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I looked forward to my lessons each morning as Evelyne taught me exactly at my level. Throughout the two weeks I had many lovely afternoon excursions to very interesting places in the Basque Country. I would highly recommend this experience to others seeking an authentic French language experience. Thank you Evelyne for a wonderful 2 week immersion experience with you, Jean-Pierre and your lovely daughter, Melanie. It was so much more than just the French lessons. Your welcoming hospitality put us at ease instantly, and although I initially found speaking entirely in French quite confronting, it was so rewarding because I gained confidence with each day.

Greg and I loved the outings with both you and Jean-Pierre, and with your friend Martine. We feel we saw and learned so much about your beautiful Bayonne region and its history, your way of life, food and family, including your very special pets whose names I cannot spell!! Lots of laughter, friendship, conviviality, and consideration of our needs. A special thanks to Jean-Pierre for rescuing us from the train in the middle of the night on our return journey from La Rochelle.

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This was so kind and beyond our expectations. In short, you are a very generous family and I would highly recommend your immersion stay to any student who wants a truly warm and enriching French language experience. An immersion stay with Evelyne seemed the perfect way to see more of the region while working on my French. It was evident that Evelyne is a skilled and experienced teacher as she quickly zeroed in on my weaknesses and constructed her lesson plans accordingly.

Jean-Pierre is really quite a chef, preparing many delicious lunches and dinners, as well as certain aperitifs with a local twist. Before I knew it my week was coming to an end.

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She and her husband Jean Pierre were warm and welcoming and I felt privileged to experience everything the other reviewers had — the delicious regional cuisine cooked with fresh, local produce; our spacious comfortable en-suite bedroom with balcony and adjacent sitting room; our conversations in French on a variety of subjects with our lovely hosts over meals, with their daughter joining us when she could; the laughter and fun-filled days in their well manicured and spacious garden, and of course the excursions. Evelyne is an excellent teacher and intuitively helped me with my weaknesses, and misapprehensions of some grammar rules that I had inadvertently acquired over the years as a completely new learner of French.

That was a revelation that only a personalised, face to face one-to-one immersion uncovered, and will undoubtedly help me improve my grammar and study for the DELF B2 exam next year. I decided to tag along with my other half Brenda for her week of French immersion with Evelyne, Jean-Pierre and family including, of course, their Jack Russel Ttuku and their cat Chouquette.

I had a wonderful time, but my tastes are very unusual. I really would not recommend that you accompany your partner on his or her immersion course. If you can put up with all of these impositions, then maybe you should go along too.

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The language of food and wine and friendliness is universal. It went really well for me. As an intermediate I really made some progress with Evelyne. She is very experienced and a natural teacher. The outings were very nice and I enjoyed taking the city bus for 20 minutes to go on additional outings. Her husband Jean Pierre would join us for dinner and I had the opportunity to practice with another french speaker.

They were so patient with me. We talked about everything under the sun. The house is charming and I had my own large bedroom with a full sized desk to do my homework. Plus my own large bathroom. I only wish I could have dedicated 2 weeks. Maybe next time I can. I live in France and my goal of being able understand french movies is a big one. I just had a fantastic experience immersed in French with Evelyne. She and her adorable husband Jean-Pierre opened their lovely home to me, fed me delicious meals, terrific wines of the nearby regions, took me on fascinating tours, and the best part of all, our morning lessons.

Evelyne is a great teacher! She had me write a story for each class, which she would mark with her beloved red pen , and prepare an oral story as well. It became very clear to us what my weaknesses were, and as we were together so much, she could pay attention and offer corrections.

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That kind of intense work without a doubt improved my language skills. I highly recommend this course and Evelyne! Download our 2. Get Started for Free 2. Close Close Cart No products in the cart. French immersion. Contact teacher.

Surf Arena, 60 years of surf competitions and culture in Biarritz

French teacher Evelyne and her husband Jean-Pierre will welcome you with open arms as you improve your French in the coziness and safety of their house. The Basques were among the earliest whalers. Today, Biarritz is considered the surfing capital of Europe. Biarritz is distinguished by its architecture, from the Romanesque 12th-century church of St. Martin to the Gare du Midi, the old Art Nouveau train station that has been converted into a modern theater, and all the turreted villas that sit high above the sea.

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