Pinterest for Business. The Complete Marketing Guide

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Type something into the Pinterest Search Bar on top of the screen. If you use a search term such as Iceland , Pinterest may suggest additional keywords the coloured boxes. They show the most popular search terms! Know what? See what happened here? More popular search terms in the Iceland niche! Do you want to sell prints of beautiful landscapes in Iceland, with those fantastic green Northern Lights in the night sky? Well, you should be able to create a great description now. There is much more, but this should give you a solid foundation for your descriptions.

2. Determine your content strategy

Do you believe in repurposing, or do you only create unique content? Unique content all the way! Repurposing will work not very well in most cases. If not, you should! Gary is the man when it comes to an understanding of social media, and he nailed it in round 2 yes, he uses rounds, not chapters of his book:. You can put out good content, but if it ignores the context of the platform on which it appears, it can still fall flat. Both quotes are from Gary Vaynerchuck. Pure gold and so true! So what is the context of Pinterest? First of all: it is not a Social Network.

Pinterest is a visual search tool and a fantastic catalog full of ideas. People come to Pinterest to get inspired, to search for ideas and products! What does your content creation workflow for Pinterest look like? As soon as I have posted a new work of art on my website, I pin it. Usually on the same day if I find the time , sometimes later.

From time to time, I look at my pins and boards and do something special. A Carousel Pin a way to combine multiple images and links in one Pin to tell a story or to introduce a new line of work. Or a Shop the Look Pin , a great way to get clicks! Recently I had lots of fun in creating Video Pins. As I am one of the few pinners worldwide that had the pleasure to test the new Story Pins from the beginning, I try to do at least one of them every week.

Of course, I always plan to reactivate my blog again, but I have no idea when this day will come. Tell us a few things that everyone should keep in mind when creating content for Pinterest.

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They often get overlooked, which can be a big failure in your future Pinterest endeavours. Try to do it right the first time! I already mentioned that you should use a business account they are free , not a personal one. Vertical images are working so much better than horizontal ones. They claim considerably more space in the feed. Check it out: Pick up your phone, fire up the Pinterest App, and scroll through your feed.

Vertical content is much more prominent and will get way better engagement! Longer pins can also work very well but please be careful; they might get truncated. What to do if your content is mostly horizontal? This might be the case for many painters, photographers, and other artists. Easy: make a vertical pin out of one or more horizontal images. Combine multiple horizontal pictures or create a vertical room mockup with one or two horizontal photos hanging on a wall. Use your logo if you have one. Brands are welcome on Pinterest, so add your branding to your Pins. People scroll through their feed real quick.

The Ultimate Comprehensive Guide For Pinterest Marketing

They use Pinterest to search for things and to get inspired. They want to know what your pin is about. Text Overlays are a great way to tell them what to expect from your pin. Do you have seasonal content? Be sure to pin this kind of content early. Start pinning Holiday related stuff two or three months in advance! Get the engines going 30 to 45 days before the event. Make the best out of it. Tell us how you got to more than a million monthly visitors and how much time did it take.

Great question. I actually have over two million unique monthly visitors at the moment, but know what: This number is not nearly as significant as you might think!

How to Use Pinterest For Business: The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide

Some months ago I had about k to k monthly visitors, and during the summer holidays, the numbers might decrease again. The truth is: other metrics are much more valuable. The one thing that we all want is the sale. To get a purchase, we need a click to our website. To get the click, we need visitors and repins.

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  • The more, the better. This is how it works. A high number of impressions alone is worthless; we need to convert them.

    To answer your questions: it took me about six months of constant pinning to reach the k visitor mark. With the introduction of video pins and story pins, it only took me a few weeks to boost this number to more than a million. The more repins you get other pinners save your pins to their boards where their followers might see and repin them , the more traction you will have. But be warned: neglecting Pinterest for weeks or even months may lead to a rapid decline in numbers!

    A scheduling tool can help if you want to take some time off. What are your favourite tools to use for Pinterest marketing? They have great layouts in different formats for Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. A word of advice if you use the free designs: change them to your needs.

    Nothing is worse than using the same layout for a pin as thousands of other users. Find a Sprout Agency Partner. Hire an agency partner to enhance your marketing efforts or grow your team.

    Learn About Our Integration Partners. Sprout integrates with social platforms and digital tools that matter to your business. Watch video: Explore Careers at Sprout. While Pinterest originally was known for being the go-to site for finding recipes and home decor ideas, there is so much more to it than that.

    The Beginner's Guide to Using Pinterest for Business - Later Blog

    In fact, Pinterest has made a name as a visual search engine, housing tons of photos, graphics, links and inspiration for nearly anything you might want to find. Creating a Pinterest strategy that makes sense for your business is the perfect way to get started with this platform. The first step to having a presence on any social media network is to brand your profile. You first want to make sure you create a business Pinterest account so that you have access to analytics, rich pins and more. Each social media platform has its own customization features to allow you to add your own touch onto it.

    Pinterest allows users to choose a cover board that shows pins from that board at the very top of their profile. This is the perfect place to add a branded board that has blog posts, graphics, product shots and other designs from your company. Ensure that they match your brand to give your profile a branded look. Check out this example below.

    You should always have at least one Pinterest board that focuses exclusively on content from your website or business.