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The procedure is open to any unsuccessful candidates from the previous election who care to nominate, among whom is Madeleine Ogilvie, a former incumbent who was defeated in — possibly because progressive sentiment had been alienated by her social conservatism. The problem for Labor is that Ogilvie has since parted company with the party, to the extent of running as an independent for an upper house seat in May. If she wins the recount, and no reconciliation with the party is forthcoming, there will be nothing to stop her sitting as an independent, reducing Labor from ten seats to nine in a chamber of The Liberals retained the seat with a 5.

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science.

His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since , and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics. View all posts by William Bowe. Marxist Nihilists. War Criminals: Invented use of suicide bombers against civilians. Child soldiers.

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Human shields. Here we go again. Midnight deportations thwarted by legal injunction. It might seem like just another twist in the tedious political battle over Brexit but the concern is this will set a precedent for other leaders who think they can govern without a majority in Parliament.

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Why do we pay tax money for this? What wonderful inspiration is the Uber Tuber! He says that at the behest of religious leaders who feel their power and privilege slipping away, the federal government wants to punch holes in existing anti-discrimination laws. Oh dear!


What a can of worms the legislative spotlight is shining upon! Michelle Grattan says the Religious Discrimination legislation would hit big companies harder than small business.

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Bob Marley - So Much Trouble in the World

The result is that many people are unnecessarily suffering from easily preventable developmental problems, sickness and cancer. Too much lightning activity may cause excessive mating, aggression, fatigue, illness and disease to occur. Too little may turn off the animal and plant breeding cycles. Lord grant us gracious courage to face the uncertainty of life. Nobody trusts anybody. We are just waiting for somebody to save us.

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Find opportunities in any circumstance. Never become a victim.

Bob Marley - So much trouble in the World