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And finally, our intake of and success rate in, winning business may moderate. First, the cautionary note. From one quarter to the next, our earnings can be volatile and swings in revenues have an outsized impact on EPS. Our largest cost items like compensation and rent, have a largely fixed component and an upward bias.

In the last eight quarters, we have boosted our billable headcount by professionals, with professionals joining within just the last quarter, thereby, further increasing our fixed costs. While our utilization levels demonstrate our ability to successfully absorb this additional capacity, there could be quarters where utilization can fall short, and this would have a significant impact on EPS.

I will close by prepared remarks on a more positive note by citing several reasons why I believe our revenues continue to propel forward. First, our business has greater scale, scope and geographic spend than ever before.

Hawke, Robert

It is this diversity that is resulting in continued growth even when major jobs wane. Conversely, in corporate finance, major new jobs in the U. It is this dynamic that we believe sustains growth over an extended period.

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Second, more of our larger jobs have multiple segments collaborating to help solve our client's greatest challenges. For us, financially, this means that jobs last longer and are bigger and client relationships become stickier. Third, we have attracted and continue to attract very high-caliber talent, a combination of such talent with their client relationships properly leverage the junior staff are the key driver of growth.

Fourth, our balance sheet is exceptionally strong and gives us the flexibility to both make investments to celebrate growth and buyback stock opportunistically. Finally, dislocation, bordering on disarray times appears to be deepening. Example of this include recessionary trends in several sectors like telecom, energy and retail, antitrust headwinds for the technology sector, cybersecurity, sanctions compliance and money-laundering across geographies.

All this only makes our services more relevant. With that, let's open up the call for your questions. I was wondering if you could spend a little time talking about what the increase in headcount? And taking advantage of some of the opportunities that you're seeing out there. I was wondering if you could expand a little bit on commentary around real estate needs and IT investment that we might be looking at.

I can imagine that there might be some, particularly, real estate capacities, kind of was top of mind given the added headcount and some of the opportunities you have in front of you. And then I have a couple of follow-ups there. You want to take that or you want me to? So look, on real estate, look, there's nothing traumatic.

It's just -- you have -- as the FTI headcount, at some point, you run out of real estate. And then we also have ongoing renewal leases. Beginning four, five years ago, we started as we had lease renewals to try to change the design of our space to make it much more collaborative and much more -- allow our people to collaborate better and have a better life experience. And so we've been doing that now around the world.

But sometimes, you have large leases with big expenses coming up, and sometimes it's just smaller. So that's an ongoing activity. But -- and in general, it has not dramatically increased our cost because we've been able to be more collaborative with the real estate, but it always has a chance of increase in cost, particularly as we have in the next couple of years, some big leases coming up.

Sure, Marc. We want to make it a pleasure to work at FTI. There's already one, but we want to enhance that. And so that requires better ERP systems. It requires better time entry systems. It certainly requires more people, means more laptops and more phones and what have you. But the overall objective is to make it a pleasure to work here and on top of that, there is absolute complete focus on cybersecurity.

So those are the areas where we are investing.

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And then I was wondering, if you could -- with following up on that, and I appreciate that you sort of had quantified the seasonal ads on headcounts from university hires and what have you. I was wondering if you could double a little bit deeper into some of the opportunities. You've talked about this before as far as bringing on professionals around the world from other folks that may not be doing as well.

Lately, I was wondering if you could sort of bring us up to speed a little bit on what you're looking in some of the target areas. I know you've talked about cyber a bit, but I was wondering if you could sort of follow up on maybe those mid- and higher-level professionals that you are adding around the world. No, thanks for asking that, Marc. Look, I think the situation there is much the same. I think what's happened here is, as our firm has started to come into its own, it -- I think it's just -- we're an attractive firm to come to anyway.

And then some of that has coincided at the time when there's been dislocations in some of our competitors around the world. And the combination of those two have meant, the amount of talent that is looking -- calling us to join us, I don't think is -- I think, from what I understand, is unprecedented in the company's history. Obviously, I haven't been here for the full company's history, but that's my understanding. And it's exciting.

And wasn't so much on the continent. It's now spread from there. We are having incredible success in the Americas and overseas, in the Middle East as well. So it's a pretty exciting time in that. And so far, that's not stopping.

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I mean, it's one of the reason I keep talking about our willingness to invest in headcount even if we have a couple of slow quarters because the level, I mean, you can always hire people. People always come to you if you pay them enough money. The question is, great talent only comes on the market, great to senior talent only comes on the market periodically.

And that's usually a combination of Europe place I've seen is moving and there's dislocations at their places. And that's still happening. I don't have a, particularly, narrow focus for that to your second question. Right now, one of the things that's happened over the last five years is we start to realize the potential of every business and every region. So if we get the right talent knocking on the door in any business in any region, we will say yes. So it's a wide-open field, Marc.